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Our Romantic Getaway is Schure's first grown-up book.  

With her marriage in desperate need of a jump start, Julie convinces her husband, Joe, to embark on a romantic getaway to Mexico. But when the couple arrives, they are told the resort they booked has been oversold. Instead of Waves resort, they have been switched to Exotica, a disreputable resort Julie saw on a television exposé a few months earlier.

Julie had been the one pushing for a vacation, hoping a getaway without their kids would give them the spark they needed to break out of their predictably predictable lives. But Exotica? Not exactly what Julie had in mind for revitalizing their stalled relationship and kicking it up a notch. 


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A note about Our Romantic Getaway from Teri Schure:

Our Romantic Getaway was my attempt at creating a funny, romantic comedy. So please cut me a break and try not to judge Getaway by its cover! 

In the five years, it took me to write Our Romantic Getaway, I went back and forth as to whether or not I should use my actual name or a pen name. 

In the end, anyone who mattered to me thought that I should be proud of my accomplishment, and not worry about what others might think. So I used my real name and stepped into a bit of a quagmire.  

The generalization that Getaway is rife with x-rated material is simply untrue. Read it, and you will see for yourself that there is no there there. 

And two more things: NO, the book is not about me, and YES, I am wearing a top in my author's photo.