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Our Romantic Getaway is Schure's first grown-up book and chosen as the 2015 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award winner by the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs in the Fiction category.  

 A fresh and hilarious take on a romantic getaway gone wild, with plenty of dysfunction, quirkiness, and romance.

It all started with an overbooked hotel.

With her marriage in need of a jump-start, Julie convinces her husband, Joe, to embark on a romantic getaway.

But when the couple arrives in Mexico, they learn that the resort they booked is unavailable. Instead of Waves, Julie and Joe end up at Exotica, a Mexican resort with a questionable reputation.

Julie had been the one who pushed for the vacation, hoping a getaway without their kids would give them the spark they needed to break out of their predictably predictable lives. But Exotica was not remotely close to what she had in mind.

With Joe begging to stay at Exotica, Julie agrees to give it a try. To her horror, what was supposed to be a restful, romantic getaway turns into her worst nightmare.

Julie laughs and cries her way through an outrageous yet surprisingly exhilarating seven days. Her initial freakish experience (with Joe instantly having the time of his life), turns into a journey of self-discovery and a transformation for both of them.

Laugh along with Joe and Julie as they navigate through their vacation free-for-all.  


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